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PowerMTA is a widely acclaimed MTA (Mail Transfer Agent) application that several ESPs and Enterprise Mailing Solutions use for outbound email delivery. As being a high-performance delivery solution, PMTA offers several configuration levels, server-level configuration, domain-level configuration, ISP configuration, and virtual MTA configuration. For centralized management and control, it is important that all of these configuration levels are accurately tuned.

It's the first time that some front end email marketing software has programmed a detailed add-on to seamlessly work with the PowerMTA. With the help of this add-on, you can work to automatically create the appropriate configuration of the PowerMTA server. It doesn’t take any technical effort to configure your PowerMTA server anymore; the whole of the process is automated and will be completed by following a few well-knitted steps.

This includes all, configurations on IPs per specific domain, the configuration of the SMTPs with the ability to configure IPs per specific SMTP, the configuration of the sender reply to information and bounce accounts, the configuration of the important authentications like DKIM and other DNS records. It also gives you the ability to process bounced emails remotely from the PowerMTA log file, which makes the bounce processing process more accurate and efficient. So without doing any manual effort, you can now automatically configure as many PowerMTA servers as you want.

    - A quick wizard to integrate PowerMTA server with Mumara Campaigns
    - Define Sending Domains
    - Define Sending IPs or Ranges or Subnets
    - Custom Distribution of IPs per Domain
    - Create SMTP accounts
    - Setup IP Pools
    - Auto setup Domain Keys
    - DKIM authentication
    - Fallback Domain Key
    - Forward DNS Setup
    - Reverse DNS Setup
    - Bounce Handling
    - Delivery Status Processing (delivered, bounced, Delayed)
    - Configuration over SSH connection
    - A choice to Define Custom paths for logs, accounting files, DKIM files, etc
    - Customize PowerMTA Management Port
    - Define custom rotation for logs and accounting files
    - Add multiple IPs for the Admin access
    - Define custom Spool path
    - Custom prefix for Tracking Domains and Forward DNS
    - Select the desired Domain Keys size (i.e. 1024, 2048, 4096)
    - Option to Process Bounces from PowerMTA accounting files or POP/IMAP method
    - Sending Domains Authentication
    - Rollback a PowerMTA server to flush itself from Mumara


  • No installation of the addon required separately. Just update the license key and you are all set
  • SSH2
  • Curl

How to Buy?

  • Login to your Mumara account
  • Navigate to Services -> View Available Addons
  • Click on the Order Now button for PowerMTA Integration Addon
  • Select the license key and proceed with the instructions

How to Activate?

  • After you have purchased the addon, login to your Mumara, and Navigate to Tools -> Licensing. Mumara will fetch the associated addons again and you should be able to see the PowerMTA addon.
  • Navigate to Sending Nodes and click on add new. You should be able to see the PowerMTA icon activated

    You are all set!

Help Documentation: https://docs.mumara.com/Campaigns/add-ons/powermta-integration

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Q. How can I purchase this addon?
A. To buy this addon, you'll need to login to your Mumara billing panel and purchase the addon as described above.
Q. Does this addon comes up with a PowerMTA license?
A. No, you should have your own server with PowerMTA installed.
Q. Is there any limitation on using this addon?
A. No, you can set up any number of PowerMTA servers using this addon. Also, there is no limit on number of sending domains and IPs.
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